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There are many different kinds of mindfulness practices.  For example there are specific mindfulness skills to deal with anxiety, overthinking, stress, muscle tension, and difficult emotions.  Some mindfulness meditation techniques are energizing and motivating while others are designed to help you relax and unwind.  The three guided meditations presented here are provided to give you a broad sample of some of the most common mindfulness techniques.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Most meditative techniques have been around in one form or another for centuries. Progressive Muscle Relaxation is the exception to this rule. It was developed by modern psychologists to induce the deeply relaxed state that has been shown to undue the negative effects of stress on our bodies and impact our health in many positive ways. This basic relaxation exercise has been scientifically proven to effectively reduce anxiety and is used in modern clinical settings to treat a variety of conditions ranging from chronic pain to heart disease.

Basic Mindfulness Meditation

The purpose of this Basic Mindfulness Meditation is to provide you with the means to ground and re-center yourself in the midst of your busy day when you don’t have the time for a full meditation session. By returning your attention to the present moment for even a few minutes you can regain your footing and perspective for whatever might be confronting you next.

Advanced Mindfulness Meditation

The goal of this Advanced Guided Mindfulness Meditation is to introduce you to the meditative state of full presence. This unique state of living in the present moment builds upon more basic meditative skills and is the goal of most paths of meditative development. Rather than merely being another meditation technique, the goal of this exercise is to achieve a state of unity and self-awareness that can become the foundation for a more meditative way of life.

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